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    Let’s embellish nature

    and our futur

In choosing to use our bags you are helping tomorrow’s world to become a more sustainable place

Today’s industry is functioning in a “linear” way, at Can-Guru we have chosen to step away from that idea by being “circular”.

Purchasing a Can-Guru bag means you are acquiring a practical, ergonomic and technical accessory. But there is much more than that.

that. In the #cangurufamily, we believe that our values take our sports to the next level. Our products are created with circular economy in mind. We are up-cycling production waste from other companies to create the bags in an adapted workplaces (adapted for disabled people to work there). The dream scenario is that people will pick up trash in nature, it will then get recycled and find its way into the production of a new bag.

Proudly made in Belgium

Our supplies come from a short circuit and the bags are built in an adapted workplace.

Right price

The price is a reflexion of our will to ensure a fair distribution


Together lets make things happen, small gestures will have a big impact.



We collect the production surpluses from different advertising compagnies.

Production CO2

Short circuit

Our will is to have the smallest carbon footprint possible.



This is handled by traditional postal services or through our partners.

Follow the movement!

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