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Would you like to give back to nature?

This “green sponsor” section is aimed at companies, the public sector, associations or anybody that is willing to help the people that are trying to make tomorrow a better world.

At Can-Guru, we believe that the people doing good for the planet should not be paying to do so. This is where we believe you can come in and help.

There are many groups, running or walking that are cleaning our nature. However many of them do that without any equipment, using traditional plastic bags. Using Can-Guru bags takes that to the next level, these people do not need to use single use plastic anymore. On top of that, when they empty the bag, they can sort its content in the appropriate bin.

Why would you become a green sponsor ?

You would like to convey the same values as us :

  • Within your company
  • To your clients
  • To your prospects

You want to add a green touch to your image :

  • We can both communicate about your help to the environment
  • Your logos can be used instead of the Can-Guru logos on the bags, customization options can be seen in the next section.

You would like to reach a new audience :

  • You will be able to reach eco-responsible runners, hikers and ploggers

Tax reduction :

  • Sponsoring is 100% tax deductible

How do you become a green sponsor ?

There is no unique way of doing so. Any gesture helping people clean the environment through the use of Can-Guru bags makes you a green sponsor. Here are a few ways to do so :

Would you like to share the same values?

We can customize your bags with your logo. We could consider recycling your old advertising fabrics to create your bags. This will mix your DNA with Can-Guru’s! This will be gifted for orders above 100 pieces.

Customized bags

Follow the movement!

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